Thursday, July 25, 2013

From Success to Failure back to Success

Anytime you try to do something innovative you run the risk of failing miserably.  I have personally hit some recent setbacks and have closed my company to take a position with iMagiclab. While many may think that the owner, Keith Latman, and I have a shaky past, further is from the truth.

I have welcomed the opportunity to use my knowledge of search and social to help market iMagicLab online an in the many available industry resources.  This has been a fun process and it is ongoing.  The things that have worked in the past have almost become nonentities and what needs to happen in the future has not even evolved yet.

I just hope with the things that have happened in my personal life and the lessons I have learned in my failures can translate into new successes down the road.  I am really looking forward to moving towards the new successes that are available and building my future here at iMagiclab.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is the Dick Hannah Honda Strategy Viable?

There is a lot of cool aid being put out there in the auto industry as it relates to search engine reputation management.  One of the biggest cool aid concoctions to come around in a long time is those presented by Dick Hannah Honda.  Search engine reputation management for car dealers is very important no doubt, how ever the method being presented by automotive vendors leave much room for improvement.

The use of dealer rating sites is probably the least effective ways for dealers to insure their reputation.  While dealers need to make sure they are represented properly in these venues, they need to take the necessary steps to remove them from page one and two of the search engine results pages.

This can be accomplished with dealer microsites, a car dealer blog and other supporting assets that do not push advertising that detracts from the dealers message.  If you are going to participate in dealer review site make sure you take the right steps to engage in the conversation when things like this are posted about your dealership.

Others have written about the Dick Hannah Honda case study, while they may not hold the exact same view as us we are in the same book.  Here is the link to the original Dick Hannah Honda Case Study.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Other Forms of Reputation Management

Dealers that sell used cars have always had a bad rap and the Internet makes it easy for others to try to bring negative information to light.  The good thing is if dealers will work to help get inventory listing sites that they control to seo for their name then they can use those as additional entries in the search engines to help protect their brand.

Another issue dealers may experience is when the dealership is in their name.  We are helping a marketing company push up profiles for Terry Lee Honda located near a Cincinnati Ford dealer we work with, because they have been negatively impacted by a ripoffreport.  However this dealer should be looking to creating professional profiles in many locations to help negate this.  We have recommended it to them lets see if they act on it.

Individuals need to make sure that they take the full opportunity to do this to protect their personal reputations regardless of ther professional aspirations.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What happens with others try to damage your name?

Recently I have come under attack by some others that have tried to cause me ridicule by creating sites to damage me. I think it is funny as long as they get the facts right. The only problem is when my customers find this content and question me on it. It makes for some awkward situations.

I was explaining a to a good friend of mine, Andy Warner - Internet Sales Manager @ a Cincinnati Ford Dealer, what comes around goes around. I have a real good idea who did this and their reputation is that of washed automotive consultant and they are the ones showing off their handiwork.

The good think for me is I really don't care what others think about me...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A free entry in Google for your Name

Google has lunched the ability to have your personal profile fall in the search engine results pages for your name.  Currently I am seeing the profile listing falling in at position 10 for name searches.  I am not so sure this is if this is Google's way of competing with other profile style sites but I see ways for businesses to use this as a promotion method as well.

While I have not taken the time to optimize my personal profile you can see mine - Paul Rushing - Google Profile

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Rebuilding and Adding too..

My personal blog Who is Paul Rushing and gone ignored long enough so I have done a complete redesign.  It was something I was actually dreading but the searches for my name are rising so I need to make sure what others find about me is accurate and up to date.

I have been spending a lot of time on client work which is good and keeps me pretty busy.  Some of this work is giving them a level of search engine reputation management that they are not aware of.  Like this property for a Cincinnati Ford dealer which is also ranking for their competition names like Colerain Ford and Castrucci Ford.

Someone who has buried all negative information in the search engines around his name, Brian Pasch, has inspired me to have some affiliate properties built around New Jersey Infiniti Dealers and NJ Used Infiniti

I now also have my work cut out for me for a Cincinnati Chevy dealer which will really be a fun project.  Automotive SEO is all fun and it will be great to watch these properties mature.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Owning Your Name and Beyond

I am working on a project for a Cincinnati Ford Dealer that will own the serps for their name and and their primary keywords.  This has been a fun project to work on unfortunately has caused to ignore my own search engine domination project.  With the recent updates to the google page rank recently I have noticed that almost all of my personal properties have lost page rank.

My blog about Traffic Arbitrage the page rank has disappeared from 4 to ZERO.
My blog Paul Rushing on Wordpress dropped from a PR 3 to a ZERO.
My blog about Automotive SEO is just holding it's own and hovering around a PR 2.
I have not updated Who is Paul Rushing in almost two months.

I need to add marketing materials to my Cragislist for Car Dealers site.

One thing I am doing is priortizing efforts.  Clients, Marketing, Partnerships and Networking in that order.

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