Friday, October 20, 2017

How to Destroy Online Reputations without Writing Anything

Any type of company that deals in big ticket retail such as cars or in any type of direct sales will always have negative information about them online. Site such as,, and all employment sites will always have something negative. The key would be getting these negative things to show in the search engines high for the name searches of the company.

You can do this in several different ways. The easiest and inexpensive way to do it is to use and drive an enormous amount of links to the direct online postings. Go to Fiverr and look for GSA link posting gigs. You can buy 500,000 links for $5 that will drive a ripoff report to the top of page one for a company name search. (note to self: Show validation in a future post)

I will run a test to optimize only (ROR) for a handful of keywords with a budget of $10.00

Keywords targeted: ShopperLocal, Shopper Local, RTN, Register Tape Network, ShopperLocal Reviews, RTN Reviews

Current Serp Report on 10/20/2017

"ShopperLocal" ROR number #10
"Shopper Local" ROR #3 and #4
"RTN" nowhere to be found. Lots of competition with similar initials..
"Register Tape Network" ROR #10

This is part one to a multi page write up that will have validation of prior postings. With links and screenshots.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Social Signals and SERM

Social signals are a very important part of SEO in today's algorithm. The good thing about SERM is you can get others to give you social signals with very little effort. All you have to do is call out a polarizing individual in a social setting. Then they are more than willing to give notice to your postings and content.

In just one mention of a douchebag and the sharing he did about it in social media it got a site out of the Google sandbox and sent it over 2000 visits in one day.

My goal in writing an article about him was to help me get other content indexed because I knew how he would respond based on other interactions he has with people online by sharing my content multiple times. I know for a fact he shared it on Facebook and Twitter based on traffic stats.

JL Van Dyke you were my bitch and did not even realize it.

Monday, September 25, 2017

How to Destroy Someone's Online Reputation - Especially Lawyers

There is a company that I have discourse with. I was contacted by their attorney Anthony Palazzo and have subsequently filed a bar complaint. It is obvious based on the interactions I have had with the company and their attorney they don't want to resolve things with me.

In searches for the Attorney's name and the company name I control the first five listings in Google. The content while it may be unpleasant for the target it is not defamatory or libelous. I have strictly stuck to the facts and have provided supporting links to verify.

If I go after a company or douchbag lawyer I follow a list of rules:
  1.  I only write about facts that I can verify or based on personal experience. I do not stretch the truth nor allude to things that are not verifiable. More often than not I keep a very balanced tone. I do make sure I do use the targets name as often as reasonably possible.
  2.  I create content around each interaction I have with the situation. File a bar complaint blog about it. Get a shitty letter from a company post something about it. Catch them misleading people tell the world about it. Can you prove their product is worthless, let others know.
  3. Keep things short and distinct. People do not want to read long articles. Get your point out as quick as possible.
  4. Get others to link to you. 
  5. Spread the word on social media. I have over 30,000 twitter followers. That generates a lot of activity.
  6. Control the content. Be in a position to make it go away quickly if need be.
It also helps that I am very proactive in getting things to rank in search engines, but I also operate from the point of view that if search engines did not exist I still need to drive traffic an awareness.

Stay upto date and subscribe in the right sidebar. I will show you how to use adwords to deliver a smackdown very soon.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Live Case Study my Latest Targets

There are multiple ways to to protect you search engine reputation. This can also work in the opposite direction if someone that knows how search works has you in their crosshairs. I am currently working in both directions. I have landed three reputation management clients based on things I have done to expose what I feel are underhanded dealings by Anthony Palazzo General Counsel of ELI Global.

One thing I have to remember in dealing with people who have problems with their online reputations is they are often well deserved. If people actively care about their online reputation they usually lock it down. If it is aggressively attacked it takes an aggressive defense that knows how to score. When your target has a soft belly it is child's play.

As an example in Search Engine Result Page for "Anthony Palazzo Eli Global" you will find two titles on the first page:

  1. Anthony Palazzo Impersonating an Attorney for Eli Global
  2. How Anthony Palazzo Responds when Called out on Threats
  3. Find less flattering image in the image results.

The key is to control the click. I want to make sure that I get the click from the result pages to content I control. That way the first opinion of the business or person is one that I want to dictate. The all important first impression.

Keep checking back updates here will be daily moving forward. It will be a working case study that will unfold in real time. If you want notifications of updates put you email in the box on the right. Your email address will not be shared with me. Google will help you with your subscription.

Just a note for the lawyers who read: Lawyer letters never work and often backfire. I have first hand knowledge from personal experience that they have never worked against or for me. They are always a waste of time and money for those relying on them to get rid of negative information online if it is true. I will always maintain full control of all I publish and all is reversible.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Do not Underestimate People

I have been comfortable sitting in the background working with a few select clients.I do not advertise my services as I generate all of my new business via referral. I do a very good job for people that have had problems in the search engines. I have helped clients beat out, negative articles on news sites such as and

I understand how search engines work very well and stay abreast on all of the algorithm updates. I know what it takes to get things to rank in search and social better than anybody I know. I use methods that get things to index in search and stick.

With all of that said I am probably the last person you want to fuck with if you have a public online offering or a quasi public personna online. In today's social media world and easy bar to entry in establishing a website almost all salespeople, attorneys and consultants banter about their services online and use the medium for personal and professional marketing.

This takes the gloves off of anyone that wishes to use online mediums to mitigate for your unprofessional behavior or what they feel like is unfair. This also means if you have a past you are not particularly proud of it's probably best you know who you are dealing with before you lob grenades at them. Grenades have been lobbed at me and I am returning fire with laser guided smart bombs and cluster bombs.

Without trying I have seen images indexed in google for search terms such as a "person's name company name" that are not very flattering but are an accurate representation. I provided the content and showed google how to find it. Ultimately it is Google who makes the decision on what to index in their repository and where to rank it.

Using a multidisciplinary approach it is possible to have google rank and organize properties based on relevance important to you. The days of building a crappy website and having it rank number one for a term based on keyword stuffing, ||'ed up title tags and crappy directory links are gone. If you are after preserving or diminishing search engine reputation you can't do it with one property anyway.

SEO for commercial purposes has one primary purpose. Convert sales. You invite competition to your organization or personal stature by being a dirtbag towards people. Some people respond to empty threats by cowering others, like myself, let the world know why people should not do business with you or come to work for your organization.

It is one of those situations that if you attempt to affect my pocketbook I am coming after yours. In the recent situation I am dealing with they want to make threats undercover and when I have brought it to light online they have cried foul and made more empty threats.

The multidisciplinary approach that I use for Search Engine Reputation Management will make it impossible for an organization that gets their employees to leave reviews on places like glassdoor and have a crappy three page website to stand a chance in having people that search for them online not finding what I want them to see. It more than likely will be content published by others I will just help the search engines find it and index it higher in the search engine result pages.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

From Success to Failure back to Success

Anytime you try to do something innovative you run the risk of failing miserably.  I have personally hit some recent setbacks and have closed my company to take a position with iMagiclab. While many may think that the owner, Keith Latman, and I have a shaky past, further is from the truth.

I have welcomed the opportunity to use my knowledge of search and social to help market iMagicLab online an in the many available industry resources.  This has been a fun process and it is ongoing.  The things that have worked in the past have almost become nonentities and what needs to happen in the future has not even evolved yet.

I just hope with the things that have happened in my personal life and the lessons I have learned in my failures can translate into new successes down the road.  I am really looking forward to moving towards the new successes that are available and building my future here at iMagiclab.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is the Dick Hannah Honda Strategy Viable?

There is a lot of cool aid being put out there in the auto industry as it relates to search engine reputation management.  One of the biggest cool aid concoctions to come around in a long time is those presented by Dick Hannah Honda.  Search engine reputation management for car dealers is very important no doubt, how ever the method being presented by automotive vendors leave much room for improvement.

The use of dealer rating sites is probably the least effective ways for dealers to insure their reputation.  While dealers need to make sure they are represented properly in these venues, they need to take the necessary steps to remove them from page one and two of the search engine results pages.

This can be accomplished with dealer microsites, a car dealer blog and other supporting assets that do not push advertising that detracts from the dealers message.  If you are going to participate in dealer review site make sure you take the right steps to engage in the conversation when things like this are posted about your dealership.

Others have written about the Dick Hannah Honda case study, while they may not hold the exact same view as us we are in the same book.  Here is the link to the original Dick Hannah Honda Case Study.

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